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7 Donald Trump quotes that can change your life

Last updated on September 4th, 2017 at 05:36 pm

Some say he is a marketing genius. Some say he is the leading entrepreneur of America. Some say he is misogynist.

Well, whatever one choose to call him, it is a well-known fact that Donald J Trump is the 45th president of the USA. He has mastered the art of using action words, controversial statements, and intellectual remarks (very few though) to get the attention of the public. Although there are many negative traits about him, one should learn from his positive qualities too. Let’s see some of the smartest Donald Trump Quotes and learn life-lessons from them.

7. Think big

“You think big, You get big.”

Thinking big helps. But, you have to make sure that you think realistic as well.

6. Follow your passion

“Chase your passion and your life will become meaningful.”

Stop wishing and start doing what you like the most in this world.

Only then, my friend, you can drive yourself in the path of success.

You may have a rugged experience too.

But passion will fuel you all the time, and you will be an expert in your field.

So, how do you find your passion?

We have found a simple and easy method for you.

Here it goes.

1. List down the things you enjoy searching, learning, reading, or talking about in your life.

2. Maintain an enjoyment journal. Write down things that make you happy in a day (at least write down for a week) 3. Make a list of people who inspire you the most. And figure out their fields.

4. The most common area of interest in the above three list is your passion.

5. Have a strong self-image

Donald Trump quotes,

Never posses a negative Self-image - Donald Trump
Self image can make or break your confidence.

You are an extra-ordinary person.

Don’t get affected by the words of ordinary people.

They seed negative thoughts in your mind to make you one amongst them.

But, it affects you only when you lack confidence and faith in yourself.

So, always think that you’re a champion, and you have the ability to achieve great heights. šŸ™‚

4. A winner always does thisĀ 👇

Donald trump quote - To be a winner you have to think like a winner
Your attitude can take you to numerous heights.

You have within you to accomplish your dreams.

But, to unleash that power you have to think like a winner and also check the ground reality.

“How does a winner think?” you may have that question.

Well, a winner always has a plan and not an excuse.

They take responsibility and doesn’t run away from them.

They see possibilities and not difficulties.

They live in the present and not in the past.

They see the gain and not the pain.

They possess a can do attitude.

They make things happen.

Once you get this attitude, then my friend nobody in this world has the power to knock you down.

3. The God is in the details

Donald Trump quotes, You can lose tremendously if you don't watch the details.
Winners always look keenly at the details.

Winners look into it. Losers ignore it.

And then they pay a huge price for it.

Wondering what we are talking about?

It’s about watching the details of working mechanism, issues, idea or product.

So, look into them and then decide your course of action.

Donald Trump cites the example of a man selling a dirty car.

If the seller had cleaned his car and then presented to his buyer.

He could have sold it for a better price.

It is one of the wisest life lesson quotes by Donald Trump.

2. OverspendingĀ invites troubles

Always do this in your life.

Countries abide it. Fortune 500 Companies adhere to it.

Economist recommends to follow it.

And winners stick to it.

We are talking about one of the vital element of Finance – Budget.

In order to comply with it, you have to curb your unwanted expenses, negotiate smartly, and spend responsibly.

But if you go overboard, then a massive wave of problems, stress and frustration flooding in your life.

1. Never do this in your lifeĀ 👇

Never be too dependent on anyone in your life.
Too much of dependence can affect your independence.

Dependency or relying on someone is not a weakness.

After all, you canā€™t do all the things by yourself.

But over dependency is a big weakness.

You end up investing too much of trust, time, money and emotions at one place.

Well, this can be hazardous.

You can lose your time, energy peace of mind, emotional and mental independence.

It makes you an easy target for manipulation and politics.

So, beware of it. And don’t rely way too much on people.

Final word

So, friends if we pay attention to the above-mentioned Donald Trump sayingsĀ and quotes, we can learn some wise life lessons. Let us know which quote you loved the most and why?

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