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5 wise life lesson quotes by MS Dhoni

Last updated on February 4th, 2018 at 11:58 pm

Every team wants a leader like him.

Every nation wants a hero like him.

Veteran cricket players adore him.

1 billion people of the world love him.

Famous International cricketers want to play under his captaincy.

We are talking about the India’s most successful captain till date – Mahendra Singh Dhoni. (a.k.a MS Dhoni) 😎

He is a calm man who has built himself with the granules of experience. He has cruised across the tsunamis of difficulties, learnt his lessons, and emerge as the promising captain of the Indian cricket team. Let’s enlighten ourselves from his experience and view the wise life lesson quotes by MS Dhoni.

5. Cherish the pressure

Dhoni quotes,

Dhoni’s advice for handling pressure situations.

Under pressure??

Well, that’s good news!:) You’re now under a test.

All you have to do is stay calm and be at your best.

And the result will definitely be in your favor. 👍

4. Always Stay Grounded

Life-Lesson-Quote from Dhoni
Always keep your feet on the ground.

Flying in the air, when you’re praised. 😄

And diving into the ocean of sorrow,😞 when you’re criticized is not going to help you in any way.

Understand that life has both ups and downs. So, stay grounded and play your game smartly.

Life Lessons learned from this quote:

What people say about you, shouldn't affect your performance

3. Live in the present

Forget your past, Stay in Present.

What will you gain by remembering the pain?

So, just live in the moment, concentrate on seizing the opportunities presented to you and win over it.

Forget your past. But always remember the lessons learned from it.

Only then you can grow.

2. Secret to be successful in life

Dhoni’s Life Lesson quote on success.

Never Give Up.

Never accept or feel defeated in the midway of the battle.

Any moment you can turn the game in your favor.

So, have faith and confidence in yourself.

And fight with all your might to be victorious. ✌

1. Nothing can substitute hard work

Wins are not gifted on a plate. You have to work hard for it.

Winning in fairy tale looks like a cake walk.

But, real life, isn’t a bed of roses.

You have to focus on your game, give your 100%, play your role, execute your plans, and strive till the last moment of the battle.

Final word

Let it be an innovation like the helicopter shot, experimenting on-field, taking tough decisions, backing his team or dealing with the press, MS Dhoni has experienced it all. The above-mentioned quotes are most important lessons he has learned in his life. 🙇 They are a part of his post-match speeches and interviews.

We can extract the essence from his wise life lesson quotes and adopt them in our lives. Let us know what are the other lessons you learned from MS Dhoni quotes.

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