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15 Life Lessons learned from 2015 Chennai Floods

Last updated on November 12th, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Dark clouds gathered together and marched towards Chennai.
They ruthlessly attacked the city with heavy rain and lightning.

What appeared like a usual thunder shower was no less than a tsunami from the sky.
It turned the metropolitan city to an island of the 17th century. The city had no network coverage, no electricity, lack of transport, inadequate food and fresh water.

But, banking on its humanity, Chennaites faced the traumatic floods with courage, helped others in the time of need and learnt some valuable lessons of life from this unpleasant experience.

Life Lessons Learned from Chennai Floods

Prepare for the worst, Expect for the best.
Disasters and problems storm into your life.
But they can’t wreck you if you’re prepared for it.
So, when a situation occurs, analyse it from every perspective, weigh all your available options, prepare for the worst and hope for the best 🙂
Keep yourself informed about the weather.
Often we don’t view it.
But if we do, then we can sport the right clothes, choose the mode of transport, and stock up the necessities.
With the advent of the smartphone, you can see the weather forecast on the go.
We would recommend Accuweather app. It gives you the accurate weather forecast of any city in the world.
Always keep adequate money with you.
Wrath of nature and tsunami of problems can arrive without invitation.
Lack of cash might dive you deep into more issues.
So, it is always better to carry a surplus amount of money with you.
Many Chennaites learnt this life lesson in a hard way.
Even Nature Follows The Rule of Karma
Natural calamities are nature’s way of saying “It’s payback time.”
Unless we take care of our environment, we are prone to face consequences of natural disasters.
Don’t worry. Every problem will come to an end.
Good news!
Your problems have an expiry date.
So, don’t worry face them with courage.
This time shall also pass.
It not only going to make you strong, but also increase your wisdom.
Family first, Smartphones second. Image
Technology didn’t raise you.
Technology doesn’t nurture you when you are ill.
Technology doesn’t love you unconditionally.
Technology doesn’t sacrifice its needs for your wants.
Technology doesn’t worry for you
Technology doesn’t pray for your well begin.
But your family members did.
Even though most of us stay with our family, we live in our techno-cocoon. So, we suggest to minimize the use of technology and spend quality time with your family. This is one of the important Lesson to be learnt from the Chennai Floods.
Spend Quality time with your neighbors
Instead of connecting with our neighbors, we connect with Wi-Fi.
Instead of talking, we are texting.
Instead of sharing happy moments, we share content online.
Techno touch has conquered human touch.
Is this a way we are going to lead our lives?
We are so lost in the jungle of social media, our dreams, and our aspirations, that we forget to network with our peers and neighbors.
So, take time for your peers and neighbors, help them in the times of need, plan some events with them and have a very good time.
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First 10 minutes of a medical emergency are very crucial.
Without wasting a second, you have to provide immediate medical aid.
But, you can do that only if you are armed with well-equipped first aid box.
It can save lives and cure injuries in no time.
So, always have a first aid box with you.
Highly successful people always do this.
Clouds of tension, helplessness and stress will overshadow your life if you don’t manage your resources carefully.
But how to do so?
Here are the six ways to manage your resources.
  1. Analyse the availability of your resources.
  2. Keep a count of your requirements.
  3. Map your requirements with your resources.
  4. Utilize them for your needs.
  5. Conserve your resources for future.
  6. Care for them.
Follow these methods, utilize your resources to the maximum potentials and reap benefits from it.
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
“What would I get by helping him?”
This thought that wanders in the mind of selfish people.
If you give up this materialistic thought, you earn happiness, blessings, trust, love, and respect of others.
They’re things which even money can’t buy.
Chennai’s youngsters had experienced this bliss.
They grouped together and helped others in need.
And the city was back to normal within four days.
Empower yourself with will power.
Have the zeal to achieve a task or goal?
Then my friend, nothing in this world can stop you.
You just have to arm yourself with willpower.
Only then you can transform obstacles into milestones and achieve success.
Cloud backup is the best way to preserve your important documents.

Someone can steal or hide them.
Someone can damage them.
Or you can miss them in natural calamities.
But, if you have a copy of them in the cloud, retrieving them is an easy task.
“Are my files really safe, if I store them in the cloud?” you may have that question in your mind.
Definitely yes, if you use this solution.
You can use 7zip or MEO Encryption software to encrypt your files with a dedicated password. (We recommend a combination of both of them).
Then you can store the encrypted files in the cloud services like Google Drive or (It is an encrypted cloud service).
Indians can use the DigiLocker cloud service provided by the Government of India

Always do this in your life.

Creating a zone of uncertainty, confusion and urgency, most of the fake information spreads like virus.
This cause a lot of inconvenience to others.
During the Chennai floods, unreliable information caused a lot of mistrust and agony. Volunteers came up with the idea to cross-check and spread the messages with the #verified hashtag.This is one of the valuable Life Lessons We All Need To Learn From The Chennai Floods.

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Lending a shoulder to help is fantastic.
Only people with courage and kindness can do so.
A fraction of these people take care of themselves too.
It keeps health, physical and mental issues at bay.

Final Word

Though the Chennai floods were traumatic, it gave us a sweet nectar of life lessons. If we learn these 15 lessons of life, adapt them, transform ourselves, we will gain the maturity to handle our problems.
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