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5 Life Lessons to be Learnt from Smartphone Features

Last updated on September 4th, 2017 at 05:38 pm

Is it possible to learn life lessons from smart-phone?
Yes, we can.
But, only if we have the attitude to acquire knowledge from our surroundings.
So friends be ready to learn the lessons of life from the smartphone features.

5. Wisdom from Airplane Mode

Life lessons learned from Cell Phone feature - Airplane mode
Do this daily.

Ruthless storm of thoughts wander in your mind.
Most of them stimulate worry and anxiety.
If you don’t give it time to settle down, they can create havoc in your life.
So switch to the airplane mode, book an appointment with yourself and enjoy your presence.

Experts say that it is a healthy practice to spend time with yourself for at least 30 mins to 1 hour to feel free and relaxed.

4. We can learn this from Silent Mode 👇

Lessons-learned-from-smartphone (Silent-mode)
This can help you to avoid many problems in life.

Speak out.
But, not all the times.
Sometimes its better to bite the words and reply back with silence.
Only intellectual people posses this virtue and experience the bliss.
But, it doesn’t mean you have to stay mute forever.
Speak up when silence can harm your persona and your beliefs.
This is one of the most important life lessons learned from smartphones.

3. Delete Button Unleashes the Secret of Happiness

Life lesson we can learn from delete button erase the unpleasant memories from the past.
Treasure the positive, filter the negative.

Life has both roses and thorns.
But, if you hold the thorns for a long time then you will not be able to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the rose.
So, say bid good bye to your unpleasant memories, delete them from your memory, and rejoice good times.
Remembering good thoughts will take you towards the wonderful journey of happiness and optimism.

2. ‘Life Lessons Learned’ from Screen Password

Keep your privacy intact.

We share them with our some people.
They secretly communicate about our emotions and our attitude.
And some people can utilize them in a covet way for creating hurdles for us.
So,give the password of your privacy only to friends and family whom you trust the most.
In this way, random strangers can’t take a sneak peak of your privacy.

1. Thought we can learn from Blocking a Number

Invite positive thinking in your life.

Just one change can transform your life.
It improves your quality of life, makes you happy and gives you the will-power to achieve anything in the world.
What is this life lesson we are talking about?
Well, it is to block the negative energy, think about a happy or a positive moment, supplement yourself with positive energy and life your life happily.

Final Thoughts

Once we enlighten ourselves with these wise life lessons and practice them regularly, we can experience the bliss of happiness. It helps us to stay away from troubles, invite positive vibes and solve half of our problems.

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