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Value of Time Calculator: Know the true monetary value of your Time

The Value of Time Calculator story: ‘Do you know how much is your time really worth? Chachu’, my nephew looked up with curious eyes. ‘Being a professional marketing strategist, you almost spoke for an hour with a businessman who was a complete stranger.

He was speaking about his idea and you were giving suggestions, but why you did it for free? Each second has a monetary value, Chachu, why don’t you take consultation charges.’, she was eagerly waiting for my reply.  I replied in silence. But that day made me wonder – What is the real worth of my time? What is the true monetary value of my one day, hour, minute, and second? Here is what I learnt that day.

Why Should we Measure Time in Monetary Terms?

Often, we take our time for granted and use it carelessly. Once we know the monetary value of our time, we take our actions, goals, dreams, and plan very seriously. We tend to transform procrastination to proactiveness and be a catalyst for productivity and change.

Our attitude towards time can take us to great altitudes. 

Value of Time Calculator

After a dose of self realization, I am motivated to formulated this Value of Time Calculator. With this tool we can:

  • Budget – Calculate if your project budget is working in tandem with your time/sec – are you paid right?
  • Set financial goals – How much you need to earn per day to meet your financial goals? (Enter your financial goal in monthly income column to get results)
  • Earnings – Are you earning/getting paid as per industry standards?
  • Fees Calculation – Know how much to charge for consultation, project, etc.
  • Measure ROI in time v/s monetary terms


This tool is for information purposes only. We request you to avoid developing a toxic attitude of equating time with money and turning down meaningful contracts, relationships, and leisure time – remember that there are some things that money can’t buy.

Use this tool in a positive way and make a difference in your life.

Hardhik K Chitalia

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